Hotel management, CRM software, software for retailers

CCS ComSoft Accounting Software for Supermarkets, Hotels, Retail etc

Accounting & Inventory Management Software for Retail and Trading Outfits

CCS ComSoft presents 2 fully functional, customizable software solutions for Hospitality (i.e. Hotel, Motel, Service Apartment, Restaurant & Bar, and Fast-food Chain) & Trading (Retail, Wholesale, Supermarket) businesses that want to graduate to a superior accounting & inventory management system.

They are multi-user software and require one-time-license. Suited for start-ups as well as established outfits they come with a step-by-step user manual which enables even a new user without any previous experience to operate it without difficulty.

Once you order the software, our team will install the software, train your staff, explain the instructions in user-manual, introduce you to online trouble shooting, upgrades & maintenance tasks; they'll take care of everything until you're ready to take off!


IPFA (Inventory Processing & Financial Accounting )

This customizable software serves a wide range of clientele from a Sole trader to Supermarkets and ensures better business management. It's designed to implify bulky & daunting day-to-day accounting and inventory management jobs and enables you to manage business with least hindrances. Saves time and labor, plus ensures perfect accounting and data accuracy that lead to smarter business decisions.
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HMS (Hotel Management Software)

This software is designed for hospitality sector and offers productivity solutions. If you own/manage a hospital, hotel, spa etc and are looking at setting up a centralized system, this software will solve most of your problems. It is designed to bring front, back-office, logistics, finance and accounting, operational management, OH&S, HR, sales, marketing on a single platform; plus it improves inter departmental communication, reduces un-necessary paperwork,running around and much.
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