CCS GenNext Hotel Management Software - Made to Order!

CCS GenNext Hotel Management Software is a powerful tool to manage your hospitality business. After having understood the way hospitality industry functions and fights its battles everyday…we've developed a solution that will eave minimize battles sparing you more time to focus on the important areas of your business.

CCS GenNext Hotel Management Software is a perfect investment for end users comprising hoteliers, restaurateurs, etc who want to run their business successfully at any scale.

It is easy to learn & operate and fast to implement with which you can optimize management control and performance metrics, enjoy robust back-end management. The software allows you to work in a secure environment without IT headaches; simplifies and improves reporting and analysis, cash management, automates workflow for billing and revenue management, and a lot more.

You can view, generate, export, & print reports pertaining to reservations, group management, credit card processing, housekeeping, financial accounting, inventory, merchant transactions, advance deposit, room forecasting, tracking guest requests, edit/revise rates, manage multiple locations etc. It works with service apartment, food chain, hotel, restaurant etc. It is dynamic software that grows with your business and augments your system, boosting your revenue while reducing costs.

Technical Features

CCS GenNext Hotel Management Software

  • It's a windows application that runs on Windows7/8 and offers network compatibility on LAN. No limit on number of PCs it can be simultaneously used on.
  • Uses .Net technology.
  • Secure Server.
  • Help desk @ your service available on phone, live chat, email, fax.
  • Can be configured as per client requirement.

Other Features:

Fully Integrated

CCS GenNex tHotel Management Software is a single platform, industry-level, fully integrated software which can be customized according to unique requirement of your outfit. With integrations like hi-tech reservation platform, hotel software and support, advanced invoicing etc, it'll serve all your needs.

Simplifies Complex Functionality with Sophisticated Support

The software is designed to manage multifaceted, multi-entity operations in real time leading to better control & smarter decision making. This helps you to expand your business locally and internationally with minimum increase in headcount.

Real time coordinated workstations

Whether you use the software from one PC or a dozen workstations, all of them can be used at the same time. E.g. if one machine makes a reservation, status on every other machine will get updated automatically & immediately.


CCS GenNext Hotel Management Software, besides aligning financial accounting with other departments of your business, takes care of smaller operations like streamlines billable and non-billable time and expenses, reducing revenue leakage, maximising billable hours, improving accuracy of invoices, etc.

Creates interactive expense & profitability reports effortlessly -property-wise, location-wise, or customer-wise. Offers better control over project costs & revenue management functions.

Improved Control and Compliance

Clearly defined security permissions enable you to control who can view/access your system, thus allowing you to segregate duties of your staff, setting automated approval system in place.(e.g. permission/approval required to issue cheque or spend petty cash above a specified amount, etc).

Comprehensive reporting

With CCS GenNext Hotel Management Software you can raise tax invoices, credit invoices, receipts, connected to reservations etc. You can also print your own reports by selecting the type of data you want to be included in it. The software can generate following reports:

  • Reservations
  • General Accounting Overview
  • Financial Accounting
  • Merchant Transactions
  • Ledger Balances
  • Group Management
  • Stock & Inventory
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Desk, Facilitates Digital Orders
  • Advance Deposit Status
  • Daily Revenue Collection, Occupancy Reports & Overview
  • Net Sales Figures
  • Tracking Travel Agents & Marketing Channels

Quick installation

Doesn't need special hardware or lengthy set up procedure.


You can enter, access, and alter inventory, financial, guest data at will.


View, download, email or print reports within system; set filters at will.

Simple Billing

With this software you can make, access, and edit bills anytime: it simplifies accounts receivable management, integrates credit card processing, you can generate detailed reports on reservations, revenue and expenses.

Additional Services

We provide customized solutions based on the unique demands of your property; offering additional services, if you need. It simplifies recording and accessing details pertaining to guests, occupancy, payment status, printing invoices, generating real time interactive charts & reports etc.

No. of users& user rights

There is no limit to number of users you can create who can access the system.The software allows you to assign different user rights for different set of people.