CCS IPFA NextGen- Powerful Retail Management Software

CCS IPFA NextGen is a one-time-license, multi-user retail management software aimed at merchandise outfits, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacy stores, computer, electronics stores, ware houses etc. It manages chaos and minimizes errors in transactions, inventory, sales records; and facilitates smooth business functioning on a day-to-day basis.

Primary Features & Benefits

CCS IPFA NextGen platform is easy to install, learn, and use. It doesn't require internet connectivity to function. It'll reduce double work, save labor cost, energy, and leaves you with time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Help Desk

Knowledge trainers, back-end support staff, and the step-by-step user guide will help you take control of the software.

Customer Base

CCS IPFA NextGen serves a wide range of customers, right from independent retail store owners to mega malls/super markets and everything in between.

Product Catalogue

CCS IPFA NextGen maintains up-to-date data with the help of a modern, cutting edge, comprehensive product catalogue, that facilitates real-time viewing and valuation of stock levels, including issuing of material, intra-transfers, receipts, generation of reports, reconciliation, storage utilization, inventory control etc. The catalogue allows instant ordering feature along with grouping items based on categories and sub categories for an effective browsing experience.

CCS IPFA NextGen Creates Own Packaging & Products

User can define his own specific units, packaging, products, and pricing and sync it with the system.

Product Variance

The software can manage different units, MRPs, Barcodes to maintain record of various products in desired order and assures accurate material movement tracking.

Inventory Availability Status

Once you activate Inventory settings, it enables you to sell things you have in stock and avoid cancellation of order, bring down fulfillment time etc.

Modify or Hold bills

This accounting software allows users to modify or hold bills of customers (of after billing all items customer wants to add one item.. the bill will be kept on hold until that item is included and accounted for).

Customer List

Enables you to view customer information with click of a button. You can browse through your customer list; group them according to region, currency, priority etc.

Barcode Scanning

CCS IPFA NextGen supports barcode scanning which is fast, convenient, and precise. It enables you to have full screen view of the product you're looking for.


CCS IPFA NextGen comprises a wide range of formats that enables users to compute complex permutations, calculations, & combinations of inventory and accounting.

Reporting Interface

Whether it is Customers / Vendors related reports, Inventory Related reports, Financial / Accounting Reports, or Security Reports; users can generate up-to-the-minute business reports at anytime.

The Multiple Advantage angle

The secure and multiple-user-login enables several users to work with the software at the same time. The software can manage multiple vendors, store & product locations, calculations related to units, taxes, pricing, costs, currencies, special offers etc.

Once you start recording information (we have provided a detailed PDF free user guide + our Support-Staff will guide you) things will take off within no time! Now you can have up-to-date customer, price and product information with a click of a button.

The below listed functions will give you an idea about the extent to which the software can ease your day-to-day working. Once you install the software, and refer to the user guide, you'll get a grip and control over the system. And once that happens, you'll learn to extract data; your analyses and decision making will go a few notches higher.

  • You can create your own look and feel vis-à-vis reports, recording data etc.
  • The software can catalogue thousands of items.
  • The new product/price you enter will automatically & immediately sync with rest.
  • It can organize & categorize items in different units, groups, & subfolder groups.
  • Enables you to manage batch/lots/expiry date.
  • Facilitate multiple Units of Measure for the same inventory item.
  • You can know real time inventory levels at any given time
  • 100% accounting accuracy for Made to Order or Specially Packaged Products
  • Track and manage multiple vendors/store/godowns/locations.
  • Item location.
  • Vendor Catalogue.
  • Manage inventory using bar code tools.
  • Facilitates accounting integration.
  • Eases defining & integration of prevailing tax slabs for accounting purposes.
  • Ledger window facilitates recording Standard Sales, Purchases, Asset and other Inventory Accounts.
  • Set up custom price configurations.
  • User can maintain multiple price levels with flexible pricing calculated on Cost, List Price, and other formulas.
  • Manages substitute items for Obsolete or Discontinued items.
  • Can switch ledger views to show a thumbnail-based reports and other windows.
  • Sales and purchase ledger summaries/inventory records can be easily viewed.
  • The software gives you 100% flexibility to implement whatever integration makes most sense for your business.
  • Easy Posting of expenses and other cash and non-cash transactions.
  • Counter Management system(Petty Cash disbursement management).
  • Banking transaction management.
  • Facilitates functions such as Cheque printing.